Steps Toward Healing: How your Structure Influences how you Function

Continuing our discussion of some Naturopathic concepts,  this post I am focusing on structural health.  The simple way to think about your structure is your bones and muscles but our structure is more than that. It is musculoskeletal (muscles, bones and attachments), dura (the envelope around brain and spinal cord), fascia (layer of fibrous tissue that surrounds most nerves, bones, muscles, blood vessels and organs) and viscera (internal organs). What is most important to keep in mind is that structure dictates function on all levels

                                                                    Mental/Emotional                                                         Chemical                Structural

Our bodies are built to move, but all day long most of us  sedentary in our chairs.  Moving your body regularly even if it is only walking affects your health profoundly.  Engaging in appropriate exercise has a huge effects on all systems in the body, from improving cardiovascular capacity to balancing hormones to improving energy.  It also provides an irreplaceable outlet for managing mental/emotional stress.

Often we don’t think about getting regular body work (massage, acupuncture, chiropractic) unless we have pain, but structural misalignment will affect long term health.  Imbalances will affect our nervous system, immune system, hormonal system and overtime can contribute to lack of adaptability or dis-ease.  Sometimes in practice we see people with structural stress contributing to digestive issues or even the ability to take a deep breath. To this end, if you are not digesting properly oPosturer your breathing capacity is affected two major routes of elimination are being compromised which will lead to overall system congestion, Relieving structural burden will improve overall communication all the way down to your cells.

Another way to think about it is if you are structurally misaligned or have poor posture it will take a lot of energy to defend against these misalignment instead of allowing your body to focus on other vital functions. Chronic stress interferes with health. If constantly stressed, the less you can rest, digest and heal.

Nina Paroo, ND